Welcome to your Ah Plan


You're awesome!

In just 5 minutes you'll totally own how to cut feeling: stress, anxious, down. Enjoy your shine!

Step 1: Watch your Ah Plan video.

Step 2: Enjoy your shine now! Do The Ah Plan 3 times. Hold. Drop. Flow. HDF.

Step 3: Inspire and share The Ah Plan.

Step 4: Continue the conversation. Get your weekly Ah Plan pro tips and free training.

Step 5: For connection, classes and shining friends: explore your Shine Community: coming soon!

The Ah Plan Primer Video Transcript

Watching the training video is the most direct method of introduction. But, if your circumstance doesn't allow for that now, here's the video transcript. But, when you can, come back and watch the video. I know you'll enjoy it. 


Welcome to The Ah Plan. I'm Alexander. Thank you for joining me. 

Imagine you have a plan that instantly cuts feeling: stressed, anxious, down. Your plan leaves you: free, confident, dynamic.


Now, with your plan, imagine what you will accomplish. Who you will inspire. Your plan is called: The Ah Plan.


Your Ah Plan carries a long history of success. Over many centuries, many people, just like you, transform their lives; using Ah Plans just like yours.


The Ah Plan works because it simply reveals what you already possess. Your shine. The free, confident, dynamic of you.


Your shine always shines. But, it gets shaded by the sticky, fast-talking voice in your head: your Big Boss.


Your Big Boss adds story line to your life. At best, positive. But often, negative. Your Big Boss can even limit, confuse and depress you.


Fortunately, your Ah Plan takes you back to your shine. 

Your Ah Plan has three simple steps. It holds your Big Boss. It drops your Big Boss. It flows your shine.


Three steps:

1) Hold

2) Drop

3) Flow

An easy way to remember: HDF.


First, you’ll learn those three steps and then we’ll do your Ah Plan together. 

1: Hold. Breathe in, holding your Big Boss to your body breathing.


By the end of your inhale, your now silent Big Boss holds only your body. 

2: Drop. Breathe out, dropping your Big Boss with a long “Ah.”


By the end of your Ah, your Big Boss is now dropped away completely. Revealing your shine.

3: Flow. Flow in the shine of your six streaming senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, thought.


There, flowing free of your Big Boss, with confidence, you dynamically enjoy your shine.

That’s how your three-step Ah Plan cuts the stress, anxiety, and blues of your Big Boss. Revealing your free, confident, dynamic: shine. 

Now let’s do your Ah Plan three times with slow deep breaths. (Do it yourself now while slowly, silently reading the instructions.)

First Deep Breath

Breathe your Big Boss in. (Hold)

Ah your Big Boss out. (Drop)

Flow in sense’s shine. (Flow)

Second Deep Breath

Hold to your inhale. (Hold)

Drop with your exhale (Drop)

Flow dynamic. (Flow)

Third Deep Breath

HDF. Just do it.

When doing your Ah Plan, a normal breath is fine. If you need it, use a deep breath. And if your situation requires, breathe out with a silent Ah.

Congratulations! Holding, then dropping your Big Boss, you enjoyed your shine.


Even if only a moment, that moment’s gold because it happens right now. Not some imagined better future.

At first, your shine will vary because your Big Boss is a habit. But you can train making your Ah Plan your new habit to shine and enjoy more.


So train and shine anytime, anywhere. In three easy seconds.

Start by using your Ah Plan even just one time, right after the video.


And then, in the next 24 hours, use your Ah Plan at least three times. You’ll shine, enjoy and inspire.

This is Alexander, reminding you: enjoy your shine.