Cut your stress anxiety doubt.

In 5 seconds anytime anywhere.

Using a powerful simple plan. Proven over the centuries. You can learn and use today.

Master your almost-secret superpower. Enjoy feeling free confident dynamic. The Ah Plan

The Ah Plan

Simple enough for

a 5 year old.

Powerful enough to cut Monday funk.


Fast enough to do

between donut bites.

Relaxed Man1.jpg

Five minutes to learn.

A lifetime to enjoy.

No email. No credit card. No commitment.

How The Ah Plan Works for You

The Ah Plan captures the heart essence of ancient wisdom traditions from around the world.


They all teach similar methods revealing your “almost-secret super power.” In The Ah Plan, we call it: your shine.


You can use The Ah Plan in five seconds because it simply reveals the shine you already possess. 


You immediately lighten your universe engaging The Ah Plan. You enjoy your shine even more by making The Ah Plan a quick and easy habit.


Cut your stress anxiety doubt. In 5 seconds anytime anywhere. Enjoy feeling free, confident, dynamic.

Your Ah Plan Advantage

The Ah Plan is not a scheduled event. You can use it anywhere, anytime.

Listening to how I should feel stresses me out.

    The Ah Plan doesn’t try to change you. You simply enjoy the shine you already possess.

Mindfulness meditation fills my anxious mind with more anxiety. 

I can’t whip out a meditation cushion. Yoga mat. Plug into an app. Speed dial to therapy.

    The Ah Plan needs no props, apps, people. It takes 5 seconds to use. Invisibly.

I’m done investing money and months of study, training or therapy just on a future promise. 

    The Ah Plan is yours to take today. 5 minutes to learn. No email. Credit card. Commitment.

No email. No credit card. No commitment.

Meditating on my happy place feels great. Afterwards, not so much.

    The Ah Plan goes beyond just mindfulness. It cuts through stress, anxiety, doubt. 

Your Ah Plan Guide


We all get stressed, anxious, negative. Me too.

My name is Alexander.

50 years ago I started working with my stress, anxiety, self-doubt. An anxious 12-year old. Staring at a candle. 

Sounded like a good plan. But I didn’t last the recommended one year of candles. 

I wanted something that captures the essence of freedom, confidence, joy. Something I could see an immediate result. 

So today I use and guide people in The Ah Plan. Easy to learn. Simple to apply. Helps you feel lighter immediately. No candles required.

I’m so confident The Ah Plan can cut your stress, anxiety, doubt, I offer it to you for free. So you can try it today. No money. No email. No commitment. Just: You. Me. The Ah Plan.

Learn how to enjoy the free confident dynamic of you.

No email. No credit card. No commitment.